Framed magazine article about restoration of a Chris Craft boat

A client came in with a fantastic love story about her in-laws courtship in connection to a 1950s wooden speed boat, or ‘Chris Craft.’ The young couple’s adventurous spirits came together in nautical bliss on this boat at the dawn of their relationship. They even provided the name “At Last” — inspired by how long it took to finally purchase this large vessel. However, somewhere along the line when the kids got older and the father could no longer afford and manage it, the boat was sold. The couple’s son, many years later, wants to surprise them by finding and restoring the ship.

Photo of framed magazine article about a Chris Craft boat restoration

Researching original bills of sale and names of potential provenance, and posting tirelessly on boat blogs, forums, and Craigslist, the couple’s adult son (our client’s husband) got the attention of the antique boating community. Finally, a response came.

Someone had the boat. It had been stored under a tarp in their back yard for 40 years. The son finally found and retrieved the old ship — now without the original motor and in faded disrepair.

Their son, who searched for years for this motor boat, is now taking on the total refurbishment of the antique. The restoration of the Chris Craft will be a surprise for the couple at their 60th wedding anniversary in 2019.

Our simple, archival custom framing of this article in ‘The Brass Bell’ Magazine featuring the story was a Christmas gift to the son from his wife. The black frame with black mat offer a neutral background for the pages and old family photographs to pop. This story will be passed down to generations and the labors of the son to reunite his parents with the boat of their early romance will be behind UV glass for all to see! We were so thrilled to play a part in the custom framing of their memories, and look forward to hearing the happy ending.