Whether you have a valuable piece of art that has been damaged or stored improperly, or you just want to clean that old painting that was handed down from your grandmother, we offer full service artwork restoration for oil paintings, most paper art, and some pastel and other media.

Serving the Boston area and beyond, people from all over New England have brought their artwork to us for repair. Our services include cleaning, varnishing, patching, re-lining, in-painting, re-touch, re-stretching, etc. We must see the art in person to determine the course of action needed to restore or repair it. Price quotes will be estimated and our professional advice will be given prior to beginning the restoration process. We are fully insured against fire, theft, and damage.  Contact us by phone or email for more information or simply stop in with your art.


Oil and acrylic paintings on canvas are both remarkably resilient mediums. We have cleaned and restored paintings with nicotine or soot stains, massive holes or tears, flaking paint, crazing, water damage, and many other damaged conditions. Usually the painting can be fixed to a point at which most people will not be able to detect the repair with the naked eye. The cost varies considerably depending upon the extent of the damage, but is often not as expensive as people imagine. Look to the right to see examples of paintings we have cleaned and repaired.