We offer full service artwork restoration for oil paintings and most paper art. We must see the art in person to determine the course of action needed to restore it. Services include cleaning, varnishing, patching, re-lining, in-painting, etc. Estimates and advice will be given prior to beginning the restoration process. We are fully insured against Fire, Theft, and Damage.


The perfect piece of artwork can change the atmosphere of an entire room and provide a lifetime of enjoyment.
If you’d like help with your space, have one of our experienced consultants visit your home in order to to get a sense for your tastes and preferences. We will offer suggestions that will help you to achieve exactly the feeling you are looking for. Just go to our artists page, make a list of the artists that appeal to you, and give us a call. We also work with designers and art consultants in the Boston area and beyond.


If your business needs art, let one of our corporate art consultants come to you with art and suggestions to help you achieve the look and feel that you want. We’ve assisted hundreds of businesses with investment and collector advice and/or strictly decorative services. With your input, we will make your place of business a more pleasant place in which to work.