Rustic Elegance in New Hampshire Ski Home

Up in the mountains of New Hampshire, our clients find respite from a long day out on the cold ski slopes with the warm autumnal colors of this contemporary Koehn forest landscape above their stone fireplace.

The oranges and reds pop on the more neutral, cooler tones of the stone. It brings contrast, life, and a sense of place to this woodsy retreat.

Lighting is key for accentuating a larger, metallic painting. The darker colors really stand out on the vertical white wall, while accenting the surrounding rustic chic decor. This geometric abstract in rust and gray brings an urban contemporary vibe to a mountain environment.

Even in more transitional spaces, like a doorway or stairwell, the placement of compelling artwork proves vital. The softer abstract below creates fluid movement on the landing, where the painting can be seen from the floor below, or right up close. With abstract work, the viewer can often see new and changing subject matter, depending on the vantage point.

The natural tranquility of organic forms of flora and fauna elements in the below copper paintings contributes to the rustic home. The art compliments the silver antlers with its whimsical forest inspired subject matter. A warm retreat from the snows of New Hampshire!