Portrait of Girl with Severe Cracking & Paint Loss

This portrait painting of our client’s grandmother came to us in rough condition. She was in such a state, that she could not be displayed or even handled without the certainty of more damage.

There was heavy and severe crazing due both to a separation from the gesso as well as physical damage that had caused several holes through the canvas. Additionally, there were areas of substantial paint loss. the edges of the canvas had deteriorated to the point that they were disintegrating and separating from the nails that held it to the stretcher bars.

Really the only choice was to begin by re-lining the entire canvas onto new linen. A rigid support was used in order to get better adhesion and compression so that the substantial curling of the paint wand wide cracks were able to be flattened securely. This also served the dual purpose of patching any holes or thin areas.

Next, the painting was carefully and lightly cleaned, revealing some subtle color changes.

Then the areas of paint loss and the holes were filled and in-painted to match the surrounding areas.

Finally, a light protective varnish was applied to protect the painting and give it a subtle sheen that picks up the light beautifully.

Fortunately, this little girl was able to be restored to her youthful appearance.

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