Urban Penthouse Chic & Minimal in Blue
Urban Penthouse Chic & Minimal in Blue

With our downtown Boston clientele growing, we have seen many new construction condominiums with strong daylight, floor to ceiling window panes, and fairly neutral design choices. These spaces provide a natural backdrop for a POP of dramatic color (like these primary palettes like royal blue and blood red below).

Our clients in the city tend toward more contemporary abstract oil paintings, with a long horizontal shape to compliment furniture (like a bed or couch). Fortunately, Rob and Renate have just the solution to this creative challenge.

Renjeau represents many artists, but two in particular have a series of work that fits perfectly into these hyper-modern spaces. Ursula Brenner and Natasha Barnes paint whimsical, colorful, horizontal works that bring a feeling of play, adventure, and sophistication into these elegant luxury condos. The monochrome decor of beige, cream, white, black, or gray is enlivened by the artwork — allowing for focused conversation pieces and a splash of stark color.

Horizontal Abstract painting hanging over bed in Boston Condo

We welcome more clients with Boston city views and contemporary homes with the architectural and decorative “blank canvas” to challenge our artists to produce the complex and colorful compositions that excite your guests and spark conversation on the intangible interpretations of abstraction! Art makes all the difference in these Boston luxury condos, could it transform your minimalist decor as well?

Red Natasha Barnes abstract painting over white couch in Boston condo