Josef Kote Birch Tree painting hanging in formal living room in Hingham, MA
Formal Elegance

With geometric patterns and classic New England details, this traditional space needed a painting with familiar subject matter, and a stylistic twist. The loose contemporary style of Josef Kote has bouncing light, dynamic paint strokes, bright primary colors, and a wild mood. With the yellow beige of the couch and chairs, and soft periwinkle in the accent pillows, this room called for the birch painting hanging between built-in book shelves.

Josef Kote Expressions hanging in formal Hingham living room

The clients felt the peaceful nature of the room was complimented by beloved birch trees, while the primary red paint brought a daring edge pulling out the cherry tones of the hardwood floor. Once the overhead lights were flipped on, the room had sophisticated charm with an adventurous fine art focal point!