The architectural splendor of this Westwood client’s home is captivating. A well-constructed house isn’t a home until the family brings their personality and unique taste to the space. How can wood, walls, paint, and furniture express a mood or color indicative of the heart of a family?

Helen Zarin painting hanging over couch in Westwood great room


Upon entering the space, the Renjeau team saw potential for a colorful, square, abstract painting for the wall above the love seat. Despite the sweeping ceilings and long banister drawing the eyes upwards, the original oil on canvas by Helen Zarin floats intimately above the furniture bringing the scale down to earth for a comfortable, casual impression. Entitled Sea Dreams, the painting alludes to a calm, nautical horizon. The painting is distinctly abstract and very contemporary.

The floater frame around the art gives a finished, elegant feel, while allowing negative space for the painting to breath. This simplicity intentionally balances more formal, traditional details — such as the oriental carpet, classic wood moldings, and pristine furniture. The neutral decor allows for an overall minimalist intention, while strong red and yellow accents brighten and warm.


With a curving stairwell leading to the living quarters in view, our Westwood client enjoys the Great Room as a transitional, comfortable spaceHelen Zarin Seadreams painting hanging in contemporary Westwood Massachusetts home between the kitchen and the rest of the home. The family’s personal items are positioned on built-in shelves, allowing guests to feel welcome, curious, and participatory in the daily life of the residents. The Zarin painting blends with the simple, yet sophisticated architecture and simple, fresh decor to escalate the experience in the room from good — to Great!


Abstract Helen Zarin painting hanging over couch