Many new construction homes are made with sweepingly high ceilings, with a grand foyer staircase making the wall two stories high. We often approach a search for artwork to fill this space with a tall, vertical — at least 50″- 70″ in height. With this particular home, we found the customer was comfortable with more a contemporary style, with the subject matter instantly recognizable.

Craig Alan populous painting of Marilyn Monroe Hanging over staircase

Our experienced Renjeau Galleries art consultants suggested an avant-garde “pop art” portrait of Marilyn Monroe. The overall impression of the figure is striking from the front door entry. As visitors move closer to the painting, they see small bustling humans that compose Marilyn’s face. Quite a conversation piece!

Though an understated black and white, minimalist oil painting with mostly negative space and a simple floater frame — the large scale, the timeless Hollywood starlet, and the vertical orientation create a sophisticated, jaw-dropping effect upon the threshold of the client’s home. The delivery and installation of the over-sized 64″x52″ painting was a success — despite the altitude!

See more of Craig Alan’s optical illusion paintings, complete with optical illusions and famous faces at his artist page at!

Craig Alan mixed media painting of Marilyn Monroe over stairs from below