Finding success with an abstract Ursula Brenner painting in our client’s Ipswich dining room (below), we tried to provide a splash of excitement to another neutral-toned spot above their living room couch.


Ursula Brenner Abstract painting in Ipswich home
Whimsical & Contemporary Meets Traditional Touches


The clients wanted a little punch of color. After a visit to our Natick gallery to browse some options, and we hit the road north with paintings in tow! This bright red abstract was our first attempt, as they had really loved the POP of red. However…


Red Alexys Henry abstract painting hanging over couch


It was a no go.

Once surrounded by soft, tranquil, and traditional furniture and decor, the red felt too harsh. So we placed another in the space with cooler blue and green tones, with a little warm brown and gold to pick up the glow of the lamps and floor. Instead of abstract, this new choice had a calming, contemporary impressionistic style. It was a subtle floral meadow landscape, with a blue sky that mirrored the bright light coming in their many windows.


Timothy O'Toole painting of wildflower meadow over couch in Ipswich MA


It was just what the space called for!

We framed it in a floater frame to keep it light, elegant, and not too traditional (below). The clients were thrilled. We felt this large oil on canvas by Timothy O’Toole brought that little pop of color they wanted, while transporting them to a peaceful field of flowers.

Framed Timothy O'toole landscape hanging over sofa
The Perfect Piece!

A cool, sophisticated horizon view for our friends in Northeast Mass!