• Classical Columns to Cornice: A Concord Country Estate
    With simple symmetry and classical architectural touches, this Concord home provides many nooks and crannies for paintings. Complimenting the built-in shelving and custom marble fireplaces, the artwork chosen provides traditional esteem, with a touch of old-world spirit.
  • Manchester by the Sea: Ships Set Sail!
    What do you think of honoring the sea-faring history and coastal environment of the town with Robert Bolster boats setting sail in Manchester? We see only smooth sailing ahead for refined comfort and beach-front bliss!
  • Great Art for a Westwood Great Room
    The architecture of this Westwood client's home speaks for itself. A house isn't a home until the family brings personality and unique taste to the space. Can art be the final touch to express a mood or color indicative of the heart of a family?
  • Scale and Sophistication with Pop Appeal
    Many new construction homes are made with sweepingly high ceilings, especially when the grand foyer staircase opens to the second floor. We approached this client with a tall, vertical painting with pop culture flair to fill the space with dramatic appeal.
  • Hingham Birches in Snow
    With geometric patterns and classic New England details, this traditional space needed a painting with familiar subject matter, and a stylistic twist. The loose contemporary style of Josef Kote has bouncing light, dynamic paint strokes, bright primary colors, and a wild mood.
  • Rustic Elegance in New Hampshire Ski Home
    Up in the mountains of New Hampshire, our clients find respite from a long day out on the cold ski slopes with the warm autumnal colors of this contemporary Koehn forest landscape above their stone fireplace.
  • Cool Colors: Tranquil Meadow for Ipswich Home
    After finding success with an abstract Ursula Brenner painting in our client's Ipswich dining room (below), we tried to provide a splash of excitement to another neutral-toned spot above their living room couch...
  • Non-Glare Glass or UV: Which is the Best Choice?
    When framing a fine print, photograph, document, or other image on paper many people become confused about what type of glass to use. Indeed there are a dizzying array of choices and brand names available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully this entry helps to "clear" it up.
  • To Restore or Not to Restore? That Is The Question
    Many painting restorations that we perform involve a cleaning of a dirty canvas or patching of a hole or fixing some cracking. Usually our clients want a piece restored for sentimental or aesthetic reasons. But often times the paintings have a significant monetary value as well, which poses a question: Will restoring a painting reduce its value?
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