• Rustic Elegance in New Hampshire Ski Home
    Up in the mountains of New Hampshire, our clients find respite from a long day out on the cold ski slopes with the warm autumnal colors of this contemporary Koehn forest landscape above their stone fireplace.
  • Hingham Birches in Snow
    With geometric patterns and classic New England details, this traditional space needed a painting with familiar subject matter, and a stylistic twist. The loose contemporary style of Josef Kote has bouncing light, dynamic paint strokes, bright primary colors, and a wild mood.
  • Cool Colors: Tranquil Meadow for Ipswich Home
    After finding success with an abstract Ursula Brenner painting in our client's Ipswich dining room (below), we tried to provide a splash of excitement to another neutral-toned spot above their living room couch...
  • Non-Glare Glass or UV: Which is the Best Choice?
    When framing a fine print, photograph, document, or other image on paper many people become confused about what type of glass to use. Indeed there are a dizzying array of choices and brand names available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully this entry helps to "clear" it up.
  • To Restore or Not to Restore? That Is The Question
    Many painting restorations that we perform involve a cleaning of a dirty canvas or patching of a hole or fixing some cracking. Usually our clients want a piece restored for sentimental or aesthetic reasons. But often times the paintings have a significant monetary value as well, which poses a question:Will restoring a painting reduce its value?
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