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Neither Snow nor Rain nor Heat nor Anything Else Keeps Him from His Appointed Walk (16×24 mixed media painting on canvas)


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Keith Thomson’s vibrant artwork showcases a masterful grasp of perspective, surrealism, and humor. He playfully juxtaposes quotidian, every-day scenery with elements of wit and satire, an homage to his career as a political cartoonist in the 90s. Thomson’s art is rendered via digital sketch, then transferred on to canvas and layered with oil paint for shading and added dimension.

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Keith Thomson’s artwork is colorfully surreal, combining the realism of Hopper-esque landscapes with ironic twists of wit. Though his subject matter often seems ordinary at first glance, a closer look often conveys a message of escapism and humor, revealing true magic in the mundane. He sketches his “photo-realistic cartoons” digitally, transfers the results onto canvas, then layers on oil paint for shading and added dimension. Thomson started his artistic career as a political cartoonist for New York Newsday and the New Haven Register before authoring a number of espionage novels, including New York Times best seller Once a Spy.  

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