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Powerplay (36×24 signed & numbered mezzotint on paper)


Additional Information:

Powerplay by Gatja Helgart Rothe (1935-2007)  is a vintage, limited edition, hand signed and numbered hand pulled mezzotint that was printed in 1984. This piece is in mint condition and is exceptional in it’s detail and color. Please note that these prints are extremely susceptible to fading. Must be framed with museum or UV glass after purchase.

  • Print Number 84/200
  • Mint Condition – Never Framed – No Fading
  • Stored in a flat file to eliminate exposure to UV light
  • Original Certificate of Authenticity from Mezzotint Inc
G.H. Rothe is widely accepted as a master of the mezzotint. Known primarily for her images of horses and dancers these hand-pulled mezzotints are are painstakingly detailed. The musculature an anatomical proportions of her figures are also precise, giving a fluidity to her artwork.

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About this artist

G.H. Rothe (1935-2007)is widely accepted as a master of the mezzotint. Known primarily for her images of horses, dancers and florals, these mezzotints are painstakingly detailed. Here, you can see all the musculature in these powerful creatures. The artist’s sense of anatomy is just one of the many tools she uses to create these master works. For a horse enthusiast, dancer, or anyone who enjoys exceptional printmaking, Rothe’s work must be seen in person so that the technique can be fully understood and appreciated.

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