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The Christening (18×13 signed & numbered etching on paper)


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Artist Pat Buckley Moss is well known for her quaint Amish scenes and tranquil landscapes.

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Pat Buckley Moss hand signed limited edition prints.

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P.Buckley Moss is one of the most collected and easily recognized artists in the United States. Most well-known for her quaint Amish scenes and her tranquil landscapes, she has a museum dedicated to her artwork. We have done two shows with the artist in attendance and have one of the largest selections of her limited edition rare prints anywhere. The piece on this page captures the quiet beauty and solitude of winter in a way that only Pat can accomplish. Please call or email us if you are looking for a specific title. Below is the list of those we have in stock. If you are interested in purchasing a P Buckley Moss print, plate, or ornament, feel free to visit our new, entirely separate e-commerce website where you can search, view and purchase any of our Pat Buckley Moss Prints Title of Print A Aaron, A Brighter Tomorrow, Adam’s Hat, Alisha, Andrea, The Art Show, Ashley’s Flowers, At Rest, Awaiting The Curtain B Blue Eyes, Boo!, Born of Love, Boy Series, The Boys, Bradley, Brighter Tomorrow, Brother’s Story, Bundle of Joy C Caroline’s Dolls, Carousel Lad (ETCHING), The Carpenters, Carrot Top, Cat Club, Celebration by the River, Celebration Ride, Children of Light, Children’s Chorus, The Chorus, Christina, Christmas Eve, Church at Bethany, Church Reflections, Colleen, Concord Bridge (w/c), The Concord Bridge, Cool Kris Kringle, Corey, Cottage Visitor, Cottages, County Courthouse, Crimson Lord D Dawn, Dawn of a Dream, Delivery Team, Doug E Early Christmas Morning, Easter Dance, Easter Friends, Ed, Emily’s Berries, Ernie, Evening Story, Eye to Eye F Faithful Wardens, Family Portrait, Fast Friends, Fiddle Dance, First Catch, The Fisher Boy, The Fisher, Fledging (Etching), Flowers for Mother, Flynn Mansion Revisited, Frank, From My Heart, From My Soul G Geese in Blue (Etching), General’s Mansion, George, Georgetown (ETCHING), The Gift, Gina, Girls Galore, Girls in a Row, Girls Together, Graduates, Graduation Boy, Gram’s Cottage, Grand Hotel, Grandad’s Pride, Grandma’s Redhead, Grandpa, Gregory, Grey Reflections H The Haircut, Handsome Hal, Harbor Kites, Harmony (Litho), Heart to Heart, Heavenly Babe, Heinz Chapel, Henry, Hidden Heart, Hide n Seek, Hillary, Holland, Homestead Ride, Hoosier Pastime, House in the Vale, House on the Bay, Howard, Hunter’s Hollow I Indiana Sieberling Mansion, Iowa Morn, Iowa State Capitol, Iowa Wedding, It Takes Two, It’s a Boy J James Whitcomb Riley House, Jeannies Babies, Jefferson Memories, Jenny, Joel, Johnny, Appleseed, Jolls House, The, Joy of Giving, Joy to the World, Joyful Graduate, Joyful Sarah, July Wedding, Junior Stitcher, Junior Surgeon, Justice for All K Karens Flag, Kelsey, Kris Kringle Snowman, Kylee L Lancaster Heritage, Larry, Lauber Hill, Le Grand Adagio, Lindsey, Lisa Anne, Little Angel, Little Erica, Little Green Apples, Little Lambs, Little Rascals, Little Skater, Little Sweetheart, Littlestone House, Lots of Love, Love and Stitches, Love Birds, Love Message, Love Supreme, Love’s Vows M Maidens Three, Maids in a Row, Mako, Marching with Our Pig, Marissa, Market Girl, The Market, Mark’s Train, Martha Mary Chapel, Mary Jo, Mary Lou, Mathew’s Train, Melinda, Melody, Memories of Western Reserve, Michigan Memories, Mikio, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Mission Church, Mississippi River, Missouri State Capitol, Mother is Love, Mother’s Joy, Mother’s Pride, Mother’s Walk, Music Boy, My Baby, My Boys, My Doctor, My Fair Ladies, My Father, My John Deere Christmas, My Kitty (Etching), My Little Scout, My Pony, My Prayer, My Two Girls N Nicole, Northern Wedding O Octagonal Barn, Ohio Heritage, Ohio State House, Old Brick Union Church, The Old Mill, The Old Red Courthouse, Old Stone House, On My Honor, On the Tree Top, Opera House, Orchard Friends, Our Baby, Our Bird House, Our Four on the Bench, Our Girl Scout, Our Graduate-Boy, Our Graduate-Girl, Our Joy, Our Library, Our New Babe, Our Star, Out on a Limb P P.J., Packed To Go, Paige, Paint Your Heart Out, Party Dress, Pat’s Black Cats, Pat’s Peaches, Patsy, Peggy, Pink Kite, Pioneer Home, The Players, Plymouth, Pounce, Prairie Babe, Prarie Heritage, Prayer, Precious Babe, Precious Sisters, Promises, Pumpkin Kids, Pumpkin Patch Q Quilted Cats, Quilted Kris Kringle, The Quilters, The Quilting Grannies, Quilting Hearts R Rabbit Days, Ray, Red Bucket, Red Clown, Red Flowers, Red, Lion Inn, Red Telephone, Red Umbrellas, Resting, Richard, Ride to Church, Rockledge Mansion, Roller Boys S Sam’s Bear, Santa’s Friends, The Seamstress, Secret Friend, Seeds of Life, Serving Our Needs, Sharing Secrets, Shelly, Shoemaker’s Shop Old Salem, Sieberling Mansion Revisited, Sister’s Babies, Sisters Lullaby, Skating Free, The Skating Jacket, Skating Morn, Skating Pals, Slumber Party, Soccer Queen, Soldiers Two, The Sorg Mansion, Southern Homestead, St. Petersberg, Stacey, Stan Hyet Hall, Stephanies Ride, Stephen’s Apples, The Stitcher, Stitching Nurse, Stitching Sisters, Strikes, Sue, Sugar Valley Farm, Summer Babies, Sunday Walk, Sweetness, Swift Creek Mill T Taro, Terrace Hill Drive, Terrace Hill Revisited, Terrace Hill Ride, Texas State Capitol, Things Philosophical, Tim, Tintern Abbey, To Grandma With Love, Todd, Tom’s Lamb, Town Hall Occoquan, Toys In Grandmas Attic, Train Man, Tree is Winter (Etching), Troy, The Troy Acadamey, True to You, Truman House, Tulie Smith House, Twin Cats, Twin Hearts, Two in a Box, Two Little Angels U V Valentine Museum, Very Special Lady, Victoria, Violet, Virginia, The Volunteers W Walking My Baby, Walnut Grove, We Sing Together, Wedding Portrait, White Purrfection, White Telephone, Winter Dance, Winter in the Valley, Winters Blanket X Y Young at Heart, Young Performers, Young Stitchers Z Zachary Other artists you may like: Charles Wysocki

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