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Where Silence Speaks: The Art Of Bev Doolittle (box set of 17 prints including limited edition hand signed & numbered Missed! print)


Additional Information:

Where Silence Speaks by artist Bev Doolittle is a set of 17 prints.

It consists of:

  • Background information about the artist
  • The limited edition hand signed & numbered 9×12 lithograph, Missed! (shown as the first product image).
  • Artist sketches and compositional ideas for the Missed! print.
  • The Forest Has Eyes (7×14 lithograph on paper)
  • Pintos (9×9 lithograph on paper)
  • The Good Omen (13×8 lithograph on paper)
  • Rushing War Eagle (9×14 lithograph on paper)
  • Runs With Thunder (9×9 lithograph on paper)
  • Wolves of The Crow (6×14 lithograph on paper)
  • Spirit of The Grizzly (13×8 lithograph on paper)
  • Let My Spirit Soar (13×10 lithograph on paper)
  • Two Indian Horses (5×31 lithograph on paper)
  • Unknown Presence (5×14 lithograph on paper)
  • Bugged Bear (9×9 lithograph on paper)
  • Escape by a Hare (6×9 lithograph on paper)
  • Whoo! (13×5 lithograph on paper)
  • Woodland Encounter (7×14 lithograph on paper)
  • Eagles Flight (7×14 lithograph on paper)
  • Christmas Day, Give or Take a Week (9×9 lithograph on paper)
  • Embossed fabric box with title charm inside cover


Bev Doolittle is an American artist that works mostly in watercolors. Known for her “camouflage artwork”, in which the background composition comes together to form a hidden image, most of her art has a western motif and focuses on the link between man and nature.

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Other Work by Bev Doolittle
About this artist

Bev Doolittle hand-signed limited edition prints

Bev Doolittle is one of the most collected artists in America. Known for her “camouflage artwork”, in which the background composition comes together to form a hidden image, most of her art has a western motif and focuses on the link between man and nature. Doolittle attended art school in Los Angeles where she met her husband. Working for several years as an art director for an advertising agency in LA, she began to crave the outdoors and wanted to get away from the city to get more in tune with nature. A pivotal moment in Bev’s career came when she went on a painting trip throughout the Western United states. It was during this trip where she began to develop her distinctive style. The print Sacred Ground (below and to the right) is a piece that most epitomizes Bev’s work: Using the Native American Indian as her subject in this limited edition print, Doolittle is telling the story of a trapper on a sacred burial ground. The horses have become spooked by the spirits, which are represented by hidden images in the trees. Can you see them? Call for more info on this incredible artist. We have many other limited edition prints by Bev Doolittle available for sale as well as others published by the Greenwich Workshop. If you live locally please come visit our gallery in Massachusetts to see them in person. Below is a list of Bev’s limited edition prints that we have in stock. We can also find other prints that are not listed if you are looking for a specific title.

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