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The Buffalo Dance (20×16 signed & numbered limited edition offset lithograph on paper)


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Additional Information:

Published in 1993, Buffalo Dance depicts the annual Native American dance ritual in which the bison herds would return, allowing for a hunt to begin that would feed and clothe the tribes.

  • Print Number: 124/1000
  • Includes original certificate/collector card from publisher.
  • Mint Condition. This piece has never been framed. It is stored in it’s original collector sleeve and has not been exposed to uv light.
  • Note: This print is susceptible to fading. Needs to be framed with UV or Museum Glass.
  • Free Shipping!
James Bama Is known for his exceptionally realistic portraits of Native Americans, and American cowboys. Born in New York City, and trained as an illustrator, he moved to Wyoming and became one of the top Western artists in the US.

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About this artist

James Bama limited edition prints.
Considered as one of the top Western artists in the world, James Bama creates exceptionally realistic portraits of cowboys, native Americans, and the western landscape. From clothing to the wrinkles on a weathered face, the artist uses his natural talent and his training from many years as an illustrator to capture every detail of his subject.
Artist Biography:
Born in New York 1926, James Bama grew up painting and drawing. After attending the Art Student’s League, he became a successful professional illustrator, drawing numerous book and magazine covers for publications such as Readers Digest and Saturday Evening Post. In the early 1970’s James travelled to Wyoming to stay with a friend on his ranch. He became enamored with the landscape and began to paint Western motifs. In the early 1990’s James signed with an art publisher to do a series of limited edition prints, which exposed his artwork to a more national audience and took his career to another level. He was inducted into the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame on 2000, and has won numerous other awards.
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