Zeigler, Patti

  • SOLD Patti Zeigler Still-life Painting of Asparagus on Neutral Background
  • Patti Zeigler Still-life Painting of Blue, Purple, and White Flowers in Mason Jar
  • SOLD Candy Apples (9x14 oil on board)
  • SOLD Patti Zeigler Still-Life Painting of Four Gourds
  • Patti Zeigler Contemporary Still-life of Martinis and Cosmos
  • Oil Painting of bowl of mussels and lemon
  • Patti Zeigler Still-life of Martinis in Glasses with Onions
  • Pineapple Martinis (9x13 oil on board)
  • Patti Zeigler Still-life Painting of Milk with Straw, Oreo Cookies, and Strawberry Snack
  • Patti Zeigler - The Berries - Painting of three berry martinis
  • SOLD Patti Zeigler - Zebras & Tall Stack - Painting of small zebras next to a stack of cookies
  • Patti Zeigler Still Life Painting of Lemons on Board

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