Pugh, Lorena

  • Lorena Pugh oil painting on canvas of delicate white tulip with black background
  • SOLD Lorena Pugh - Pear #49 - Painting of a pear in parchment
  • Lorena Pugh oil painting of pear in plastic bag
  • Lorena Pugh Oil on Canvas Painting of a Hard Peppermint Candy in Wrapper
  • SOLD Lorena Pugh Oil Painting of Pear Wrapped in Tissue Paper
  • SOLD Lorena Pugh Reflections Oil Painting on Canvas of a Pear Fruit in Tissue Paper Like A Woman Draped Nude
  • Lorena Pugh Surreal Oil Painting of Sheet on Clothesline in the Country
  • Lorena Pugh oil painting of pear wrapped in paper on table

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