Papart, Max

  • Max Papart - Mrs. S (38x42 aquatint)
  • Max Papart - Manhattan Transfer (30x57 lithograph with carborundum)
  • Max Papart - Night (39x55 aquatint)
  • Max Papart - Primavera (41x39 aquatint)
  • Max Papart - Royal Bird (39x55 aquatint)
  • Max Papart - Seduction (34x24 lithograph)
  • Max Papart - Japanese Birds (24x45 lithograph)
  • Max Papart - Combat Nocturne (38x40 lithograph with carborundum)
  • Max Papart - Guitare (21x29 lithograph)
  • Max Papart - Hello Broadway (55x39 aquatint)
  • Max Papart - Joie d'Enfant (36x28 aquatint)
  • Max Papart - Les Femmes d'Alger (38x40 aquatint)
  • Max Papart - American Ballet - Etching of five dancers in a line on stage
  • Max Papart - Bonne Nouvelle - Etching of a geometric figure
  • Max Papart - Chromatic Composition (30x41 carborundum etching)Abstract etching of a figure with shapes
  • Max Papart - Homage a Braque I (17x22 carborundum etching) Abstract Modern Cards
  • Max Papart - Homage a Picasso II (18x22 lithograph with carborundum)
  • Max Papart - Inca Bird (23x30 carborundum etching) - Contemporary etching of a bird
  • Max Papart - Orange Sun (22x30 carborundum etching) Etching of two figures beneath an orange sun
  • Max Papart - Profile Lady (23x30 carborundum etching) Contemporary etching with a sculptural profile

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