Northup, Ken

  • Fall Wetlands, Barnstable (12x9 oil on canvas)
  • Fog, Cape Cod (12x24 oil on canvas)
  • SOLD Ken Northup oil painting of misty autumn marsh
  • SOLD Ken Northup Oil Painting of Clouds on Ocean Horizon at Sunset with Yellow and Pink Sky
  • Painting of dunes in fog
  • Fog, Laurence Island (20x40 oil on canvas)
  • Ken Northup - Mare's Tales - Painting of a beautiful beach on a clear day
  • SOLD Ken Northup
  • Ken Northup - Misty Day in Yarmouth - Painting of foggy wetlands
  • Ken Northup Oil Painting of Horizon Line with Blue Sky Clouds and Dark Navy Water
  • Ken Northup Contemporary Realism of Seascape Ocean Water Sunrise with Pink and Yellow Clouds
  • Ken Northup Painting of Beach Dune with Green Grass and Blue Sky
  • Ken Northup Dramatic Seascape with Dark Navy Ocean and Blue Orange Horizon Sky
  • Painting of a bright green landscape with a tree and blue sky

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