Mabry, Mary

  • Pink Peonies with Blue and White (30x24 oil on canvas)
  • Tangerines and Blue & White (16x20 oil on canvas)
  • White Lillies in the Garden (24x30 oil/canvas)
  • Pink Tulips in White Ironstone (20x24 oil on canvas)
  • Monhegan Coast (9x12 oil on canvas)
  • Narcissus (12x18 oil on canvas)
  • Sunlight on Amber (20x16 oil on canvas)
  • Daffodil Patterns (16x20 oil on canvas)
  • Golden Splendour (30x40 oil on canvas)
  • Painting of cliffs overlooking mediterranean ocean
  • Mary Mabry Still-life Oil Painting of Lilacs on the Windowsill in Green and Purple
  • Mary Mabry Still Life Oil Painting with Peony Flowers and a Copper Basin
  • Painting of white peonies on a table with brass objects

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