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Charles Frace (1926-2005) was an American artist widely recognized for his superbly realistic wildlife paintings and limited edition prints. Born in rural Pennsylvania and largely self taught, he was accepted on a scholarship to the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, which set him on his path to success.

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Charles Frace (1926-2005)
Born in rural Pennsylvania in 1926, Charles Frace was a multi talented young man who played sports and pursued multiple artistic interests including singing and drawing. Teaching himself to draw at an early age, he continued his artwork and eventually earned a scholarship to the Philadelphia Museum School of Art.
After struggling to find work, Frace began his professional career as an illustrator in New York City for the Saturday Evening Post, where he met a wildlife photographer. He became fascinated with the animals and began painting them with an incredible degree of detail.
Tiring of commercial illustration, Charles decided to take a break and focus more on his fine art. On a chance, he showed his artwork to a gallerist who encouraged him to let them show the painting. It sold almost immediately, and thus began his new career as a professional wildlife artist. Charles Frace passed away in 2005.
Frace continued to show his work and was eventually noticed by a fine art publisher who printed over 100 of his paintings as signed limited edition prints. He also took a trip to Africa where he became interested in painting large cats. Charles Frace has had numerous exhibitions including the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. In 1991 he was inducted into the US Art Magazine "Hall of Fame".  
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