Foster, Pat

  • Pat Foster - Painting of people walking on the beach
  • Pat Foster - Boston Green Line - Painting of the green line in Boston
  • Pat Foster - Captain Sam - Painting of a boat in the ocean
  • Pat Foster - Friends - Painting of people at a restaurant
  • Pat Foster - Lilies with Bow - Painting of lilies with a blue bow
  • Rooster (24x12 oil on canvas)
  • Pat Foster - Temperance - Painting of a man sitting at a cafe
  • Pat Foster - White Sail - Painting of a sailboat on the Charles River
  • Pat Foster - Painting of a floral still life with a tea set near a window
  • Pat Foster - Painting of a woman sitting at a cafe
  • White Vase (10x8 watercolor)
  • Kettle with Still Life (15x18 watercolor)
  • Loose Arrangement (7x14 watercolor)
  • Exotic Fruits (5x5 watercolor)
  • House (5x5 watercolor)
  • Table Arrangement (5x5 watercolor)

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