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Charles Fazzino is an American pop artist who is known for his silkscreen serigraph limited edition prints in a 3D pop art style. His work incorporates influences from urban landscapes, sporting events, and modern celebrities.

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Charles Fazzino Artwork
Artist Charles Fazzino has been creating his iconic 3-dimensional construction serigraphs for over 3 decades. Done in a whimsical style, these busy, imaginative, and colorful screen prints cover all areas of contemporary popular culture including sports, music, celebrity, religion, and current events.
3-d Process
The process of making these incredibly detailed 3-d pop art prints is quite laborious. First the screen prints are made (two prints are needed for each piece int he edition). Then the duplicate print is used to painstakingly hand cut out little pieces and glue them with silicone on top of the matching piece on the print to be sold. This creates a raised or "3-d" effect. The height or depth of the images is determined by the amount of silicone used to attach it. Finally the pieces get hand embellished with glitter and Swarovski crystals.
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Charles Fazzino Biograpahy
Born in 1955 in New York City, Charles Fazzino became interested in art during his early teens and eventually attended the the School for Visual Arts in Manhattan. Years later while participating in a small exhibition, he discovered 3-d art after a trip to an art supply store. He began experimenting with the process, and eventually displayed his work at the Greenwich Village Art Show in NYC. Since then, he has grown to become a force in the contemporary art world producing hundreds of editions while developing a network of galleries and collectors across the United States and abroad. His work can be found in Museums, Special Events, and Corporate collections around the world.