Dunkel, Stuart

  • Stuart Dunkel Small Still life Painting of Mouse Eating a Fruit Tart Dessert
  • Stuart Dunkel - Dubious Relation - Painting of a mouse with a chocolate mouse
  • Stuart Dunkel Small Oil Painting of a Mouse on a Lemon Doughnut
  • Stuart Dunkel - Painting of a mouse in blackberries
  • Stuart Dunkel Small Painting on Board of Mouse Eating Purple Grapes
  • Stuart Dunkel - Pear - Realistic painting of a small green pear
  • Saving Lemon (5x7 oil on board)
  • Stuart Dunkel Still-life of Mouse Stuck in Chocolate Glazed Doughnut
  • Stuart Dunkel Whimsical Painting of Mouse Hiding Behind Pear
  • Stuart Dunkel Small Painting of a Mouse with Three Frosted Donuts
  • Stuart Dunkel Small Oil Painting of a Mouse Holding a Fruit Tart
  • Sweet Music (12x16 oil on board)

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