Baldwin, Hilary

  • Painting of a yellow field with a view of a river
  • Hilary Baldwin Oil Painting of Summer Pond Lush with Green
  • Hilary Baldwin Oil Painting of Apple Blossom Tree in Green Bloom
  • Hilary Baldwin, Cranes Dune, Late Spring (16x20 oil on canvas)
  • Painting of a marsh with mountains
  • Hilary Baldwin - May Orchard - Realistic painting of apple trees blossoming in an orchard
  • Hilary Baldwin Painting of Forest Cabin in the Winter Snow
  • Hilary Baldwin Oil Painting of Landscape of Green Grass Valley
  • Hilary Baldwin Oil Painting Quiet Morning Wellfleet with Boat on Marsh
  • Hilary Baldwin - Stillness in the Bay - Painting of boats in the still ocean
  • Painting of a marsh with yellow grass
  • Hilary Baldwin Oil Painting of a Stream and Mountain in Green and Blue
  • Painting of a grassy field with a hill, water and boats
  • Hilary Baldwin Painting of Snow, Lake, and Trees in Blue and White
  • A traditional painting of a rocky ocean coast line with waves
  • A traditional beach painting of realistic sand dunes with grasses and shadows
  • A traditional realistic painting of a rocky coast line with waves crashing
  • A traditional painting of sand dunes with shadows and grasses.

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