Alan, Craig

  • Craig Alan Surreal Oil Painting of David Bowie Icon Composed of Little People
  • Craig Alan Female Contemporary Pop Art of Blonde Woman Lichtenstein
  • SOLD Craig Alan Marilyn Monroe Red Lips Smile Original Oil Painting on Canvas with Surreal People
  • Craig Alan Contemporary Mixed Media on Canvas of American Flag
  • SOLD Craig Alan Conceptual Abstract of Reflecting Pool (40x40 mixed media)
  • Craig Alan - Conceptual Abstract II - Painting of crowds on a multi-level structure
  • SOLD Craig Alan Abstract Surreal Geometric Painting of Figures Walking on Streets
  • Craig Alan Original Oil Painting on Canvas of Surreal Little People near Apple Iphone Logo in Line
  • Craig Alan - Marilyn - Painting of Marilyn Monroe using small people
  • SOLD Populous Abstract II (36x42 mixed media on canvas)
  • SOLD Craig Alan - Remote Control (50x50 mixed media painting on canvas)
  • SOLD Craig Alan Against the Grain Surreal Painting of Person Walking in Opposite Direction of Crowd
  • Craig Alan surreal geometric painting with small people

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