Water & Light 2018

Swimmers, Shimmers, & Sails…

Feeling like a spritz of nautical summer sun during this rainy spring? The light at the end of that long winter tunnel can be found at Renjeau Galleries this May 2018.

Join us for a unique display of contemporary and traditional works with bright reflections of shimmering light and wavy waterscapes in our Natick Annex Gallery.

Neutral abstracts and muted landscapes often become a default for art in the home, but our clients have recently expressed interest in paintings inspired by the colorful sea, relaxing rivers, New England bays, sandy beaches, and sunset skies. Nature provides the visual inspiration, while our talented artists hone the creative skills for rendering your perfect oceanic escape to sunshine shadows, well-lit waves, and bright boatscapes.

Grab your shades and an ice cold drink while you swim merrily along through sparkling, splish-splash Spring and Summer selections at Renjeau!