Musical Inspirations – October 2013

Musical Inspirations, which opens on October 19th, is a diverse display of music in all its forms.  From the perfectly captured feel of music in Dube’s “Orchestra,” to the literal representation of a guitar in Barnett’s “Doughbowl Guitar,” all types of musical representation can be found here – even works by former Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia.

Artist Eng Tay has a soft style that lends itself well to portraying sweet musical moments between friends and family.  The closed eyes and tilted heads of his figures swaying to their own music gives each scene palpable musical energy.

Sunol Alvar is another artist whose figures seem infused with the essence of music.  The translucence and overlapping of the figures suggests harmonious music flowing between them.

Marcelle Dube has perhaps the strongest representation of music in the show – her bold colors and energetic handling of paint portray great intensity within each orchestra.

These artists and many more are on display in our exhibition studio adjacent to the main gallery through the fall months.

Please stop in to view these beautiful pieces in person. You can also call us or contact us with any specific questions.