Anthony James – Language of the Heart – March 2013

Price Range $6,500-$12,000

Date: Through March 15, 2013

“Art expresses; it does not explain.” –Anthony James

Renjeau Galleries presents our February 2013 show entitled Language of the Heart featuring the works of Anthony James. Located in our Exhibition Annex next to the main gallery in Natick, this contemporary display of colorful abstracts is a must see!

A first generation American, James maintains strong connections to his Greek heritage in each painting. The titles of his works most often allude to ancient Greek mythology and theatrical history. A Hollywood actor in his earlier days, James appeared in the 1967 Academy Award winning picture, “In the Heat of the Night” and has acted in more than 25 motion pictures…including Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven.”

There is a mysterious primal spirit that informs James’ work, which emerges from his various modes of inspiration. Motivated by a special connection to his mother, as well as his other professional passion of writing dramatic poetry, James’ paintings are dear to his heart. Though he proves an extremely articulate man in his acting, poetics, and conversation, James feels his art is unable to be defined by word. Looking at his paintings as a dream construct, or translation of the inner emotional self, James gives a unique soul to each work.

For Anthony James, “art is a primal voice that chronically stutters when it means to speak, crawls when it aches to fly, and finally soars into eloquence and resurrects itself into beauty.” James paints from within, and the struggle between light and dark is evident on canvas. The subjects of the paintings are generally simplified to basic geometric shapes, yet his color choice creates an intricate pattern and drama that enlivens the composition. James continues to live and paint here in the Boston area.

For more information regarding this artist, you can call us at 508-655-5121 or contact us with any specific questions.