The Boat Show – May 2012

Marine paintings of two gallery artists, Robert Bolster and Josef Kote, surfaced in our Spring 2012 exhibit called The Boat Show.

Both artists paint visually stunning marine subject matter, each using a different technique, to produce works with completely diverse style and feel.

Robert Bolster, whose work has been exhibted in the gallery for many years, is a contemporary realist. Rob creates serene paintings through the use of his precise, smoothe brushstroke. Atmosphere is recreated exactly as it appears in reality, with light, shadow, precise lines, and translucence giving the work a photographic feel.

Josef Kote is more of an impressionist. His large, loose brushstroke and palette knife technique, create movement on the canvas. Kote’s use of bold color compliments this technique beautifully, adding warmth to his sun-splashed pieces.

The paintings were on display in our exhibition studio adjacent to our main gallery.

Please stop in to view these beautiful pieces in person. You can also call us or contact us with any specific questions.