Joerg Dressler & Peter Kuttner – May 2011

In Spring 2011, we combined the work of two exciting artists: Peter Kuttner and Joerg Dressler.

Although our Dressler and Kuttner paintings differ in style, there is an intriguing connection between the spontaneuous nature of their work and the use of similar techniques and color palettes that beautifully complement each other from a visual and aesthetic standpoint.

The work of Joerg Dressler is abstract, usually with a suggestion of landscape. His use of forms provides a hint of structure that often feels “urban” in nature. He paints in layers, allowing previous colors and shapes to influence the finished composition. Joerg’s paintings can be simultaneously relaxing and thought provoking, which is what makes them so interesting.

Peter Kuttner uses layering and also collage in his compositions to achieve dimension and perspective. Although he has painted dramatic, high impact abstracts with a gritty, urban feel, much of his recent work involves contemporary compositions with more soothing, literal translations. He deftly mixes color, combining cool blues, greys, and greens, with elegant, rich jewel tones.

Please enjoy these wonderful images and please stop by the gallery to see them all in person if you have the chance. You can also call us at 508-655-5121 or contact us with any specific questions.