Purely Pastel – A Group Show – March 2010

One of the oldest painting mediums, pastels were used by many artists as far back as the 16th century. Consisting of pure, powdered pigments that are combined with a binder and rolled into a stick, they usually resemble a piece of chalk or crayon. A pastel painting, if properly framed and cared for, can be one of the most permanent of media because they never darken, yellow or crack.

Pastel paintings have great variations in tone and texture depending upon the binder used as well as the “ground” or the surface on which the pastel is applied. Dry pastels that are mixed with gypsum or other substances can have a soft, powdery texture that blends beautifully to produce stunning landscapes with soft gradations of tone. Wet pastels are usually mixed with oil and can produce intense color.

We have several pastel artists, each with their own style and technique. They include Will Klemm, Aleah Koury, Karen Jones, Pierre Jacquelin, Nicora Gangi, Franciose Julien, and Nicole Clement. We have been showing their work for many years. However, for the first time, we displayed their newest paintings all together for the first time in March 2010 in our Natick Exhibition Annex.

We have more pieces available by each of these artists, so please stop in the gallery to see these outstanding pieces if you have the chance.

For questions about the show, or more information regarding these artists, call us at 508-655-5121 or contact us.