Marcelle Dube – Passion Musique – October 2009

In October 2009, we showed the work of Marcelle Dube in our Natick Exhibition Annex next to our main gallery.

Dube is a talented abstract expressionist, whose musically inspired paintings convey passion and energy through the use of color and movement. Her paintings are spontaneous, created from the emotions she feels from the sounds and tempo of the music.

Born in Quebec, Dube was a teacher and researcher for many years. She left teaching in 1975 to purse a full time career in painting. However her love of ancient history and archeology also shows itself in some of her other series of work. With their heavy texture and primative shapes her animal paintings are reminiscent of cave paintings and contain elements some early Roman and Greek artwork.

For more information regarding this artist, you can call us at 508-655-5121 or contact us with any specific questions.