Omar Hamdi Malva – Vibrance – October 2006

We are pleased to bring you a spectacular show of 20 paintings from renowned impressionist painter Omar Hamdi Malva.

These pieces were on display in our Natick Exhibition Annex from October 21-Novemeber 4 of 2006.

Malva paints primarily still-lifes and landscapes with stunning, vibrant color and painterly lyricism. He paints with a passion and feeling for his subject that is evident in his broad, sweeping brushstrokes.

Each of Malva’s paintings creates a distinct mood and presence; Some filled with energetic bursts of color and movement, and others that convey a more gentle and reflective tenor.

From the most expansive panoramas of the hills of Provence to the most intimate section of a sunlit pathway or garden, Malva takes us along on a dramatic visual journey.

(Price Range: $5,000-$14,000)

You can call us at 508-655-5121 or contact us with any specific questions.